Winter Car Service Tips

Winter Car Service Tips
Winter Car Service Tips

Now that winter is almost here, it’s time to perform some seasonal care on your vehicle. These car service tips from Red Wing Chevrolet will help you get your vehicle set for safe and efficient driving throughout the cold season.

Check and Charge Your Battery

Cold weather is tough on car batteries. An aged battery may work fine in the fall, only to fail you in the winter. Get your battery checked now to avoid a jump later. Be sure to keep jumper cables and reflective safety cones in your vehicle just in case you need them.

Tire Pressure

Your tires are also more sensitive in the winter time. Cold temperatures can cause major fluctuation in tire pressure. But for the safest and most efficient driving, you want your tires to be in good condition. Check your tire pressure regularly throughout the winter and watch for any damage or worn tread.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

With snow, ice, and road salt in the mix, you’ll be fighting a dirty windshield all season. Make sure that your windshield wiper fluid is topped off and that your wiper blades are in good condition so that you’ll have clear visibility this winter.

Get a Check Up

Want to be sure that your Chevrolet is set for winter? Bring it into Red Wing Chevrolet today and let us take a look at your vehicle for you.

Things to Do in the Winter in Red Wing, MN


Things to do in winter in red wing, mn

Winter in Minnesota can be rough, but that doesn’t make visiting Red Wing during this time any less appealing. The snowfall and cold create a winter wonderland in the area, meaning there are plenty of things to do in the winter. Here are a couple of our favorite Red Wing winter activities.

Visiting the Red Wing Shoe Company Museum. The popular Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc. was started in this town in 1905 and has grown splendidly since. In fact, it has grown so much that the original tiny corner shop has become a must-see in Red Wing. Visit this shop and explore the Red Wing Shoe Company Museum, which has the World’s Largest Boot, standing at over 20 feet tall. You can even watch as they make boots and learn all about the process.

Cross-country skiing along Cannon Valley Trail. Originally a Chicago Great Western Railroad line, the Cannon Valley Trail stretches 19.7 miles between the cities of Cannon Falls, Welch, and Red Wing. While it’s glorious to walk this trail during the warmer months, cross-country skiing across it is just as fun. Grab some ski passes, strap on your skies, and head out to enjoy the fresh powder Red Wing is sure to see during the winter.

Winter Weather Driving Tips: Driving in Snow and Ice


Wet and slippery roads add a whole new set of challenges to driving, so it’s important to know how to handle those conditions. Remember these tips for driving in snow and ice and your travels will be much safer.

When you live in areas with heavy snowfall, one of the best things you can do to protect yourself is invest in a set of winter tires. These get better traction in all cold weather regardless of whether there’s precipitation or not. Whether you get winter tires or not, though, this is the time to replace your tires if they’re starting to wear a little. This is also a great opportunity to replace your windshield wipers.

If your car has all-wheel drive, don’t let that give you a false sense of security. AWD isn’t magic and isn’t good for giving you traction when going around corners. Take it slow.

If you can, try to practice pulling out of a skid somewhere safe so that you have the hang of it if it happens on a road. Crashes still happen no matter how prepared you are, though, so keep an emergency kit in your car.