Chevrolet Malibu Ad Continues “Real People, Not Actors” Campaign

Last spring, Chevrolet embarked on a new ad campaign. The campaign was referred to as the “Real People, Not Actors” campaign and pledged to include the opinions and perspectives of actual, everyday consumers in the brand’s commercials. This move has proven to be successful for the company, as Chevrolet saw sales increase each month since March 2015. Now, the campaign continues in a new Chevrolet Malibu ad titled “Unbranded.”

The concept of “Unbranded” is simple: strip the branding off of a 2016 Malibu and have normal people guess what kind of car it is. In practice, the concept works wonderfully. The ad features the first three people to see the unbranded vehicle to ask if it’s a Lexus, and one of them even estimates the cost to be somewhere in the range of $50,000 to $80,000. The Malibu is, of course, neither of those things, and the people featured in the commercial were suitably surprised when the car’s true identity was revealed with a price tag of $22,500.

More is planned for the Chevrolet Malibu ad campaign, including commercial spots that focus on features such as Apple CarPlay, Teen Driver, and Low Speed Front Automatic Braking. The “Unbranded” commercial, however, chooses to show off the 2016 Malibu’s sleek, upscale design in a way that feels honest and authentic.

Buick’s Super Bowl Ad Targets Younger Audience

It’s no secret General Motors has been looking to rebrand the ol’ Buick lineup in every way possible. From advertisements to reshaping, designing, and engineering most of the lineup, the entry level luxury brand is slowly shedding its “old driver” vibe. That shedding was pushed further with Buick’s Super Bowl ad.

The ad features Odell Beckham Jr. and Emily Ratajkowski at a wedding. The bride and groom driver off in a two-door convertible, recognizable only as the Buick Cascada. Like most Super Bowl ads, there was a bit of humor leading up to the message.

Ratajkowski dives to catch the bouquet in a similar fashion to Odell Beckham Jr.’s touchdown catch in 2014. Wedding attendees comment on how she ‘Odelled it.”

The Buick Cascada is a sleek model with flowing curves from front to back, a design not typically associated with Buick until recently. It’s the first convertible the entry-level luxury automaker has created for the market in 25 years in a push to appeal to a younger audience.

“Our target audience is broad with an opportunity like this, but really it’s focused toward everyone who has either the wrong perception of Buick or no perception at all,” said Molly Peck, Buick’s director of marketing.

We here at Red Wing Chevrolet Buick Cadillac are waiting impatiently to see what the new commercial does to sales!