Safe Driving New Year’s Resolutions

Practicing safe driving habits is something you should do even if it isn’t your New Year’s resolution. Fortunately, those struggling to come up with an achievable resolution could find their best choice is to practice (or kick) a new safe driving habit. Here are a few safe driving New Year’s resolutions suggested by us here at Red Wing Chevrolet. We hope you have a fantastic 2017!

  • Smartphones – Driving while talking or texting is hazardous, even if the road is empty. It only takes a second for road conditions to change, a pedestrian to walk in front of your car, or worse. Put down the phone or, alternatively, use your vehicle’s Bluetooth connectivity so you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
  • Slow Down – Speeding results in a reduced reaction time that could be the difference between life-and-death accidents. Slowing down and driving the speed limit allows drivers more time to react, save on gas by getting better fuel economy, and relax while on the road. Plus, you won’t run the risk of any costly tickets.
  • Efficiency – Being more efficient on the road can save you a whole bundle of money over the course of 2017. Avoid idling, combine trips, make sure your tires are properly inflated, and make sure you slow down!

Things to Do in the Winter in Red Wing, MN


Things to do in winter in red wing, mn

Winter in Minnesota can be rough, but that doesn’t make visiting Red Wing during this time any less appealing. The snowfall and cold create a winter wonderland in the area, meaning there are plenty of things to do in the winter. Here are a couple of our favorite Red Wing winter activities.

Visiting the Red Wing Shoe Company Museum. The popular Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc. was started in this town in 1905 and has grown splendidly since. In fact, it has grown so much that the original tiny corner shop has become a must-see in Red Wing. Visit this shop and explore the Red Wing Shoe Company Museum, which has the World’s Largest Boot, standing at over 20 feet tall. You can even watch as they make boots and learn all about the process.

Cross-country skiing along Cannon Valley Trail. Originally a Chicago Great Western Railroad line, the Cannon Valley Trail stretches 19.7 miles between the cities of Cannon Falls, Welch, and Red Wing. While it’s glorious to walk this trail during the warmer months, cross-country skiing across it is just as fun. Grab some ski passes, strap on your skies, and head out to enjoy the fresh powder Red Wing is sure to see during the winter.

Go on an Adventure with the Chevrolet Trax Activ Concept

The Chevrolet Trax might be branded as the perfect urban car, but Chevrolet has decided to add an outdoorsy twist. During the 2016 SEMA Show earlier this month, the American carmaker introduced the new Chevrolet Trax Activ concept, which offers the perfect combination of the Trax’s urban style and an off-road ready stance.

“The Trax Activ concept is all about adventurous fun,” said Todd Parker, design director, exterior component and accessories. “We’ve increased its capability and matched it with styling enhancements that give it an all-new attitude—it’s a Trax that’s ready to make tracks.”

Chevrolet created the Trax Activ concept based on a 2017 Trax all-wheel-drive model. The carmaker lifted the suspension, widened the track, and added 18-inch Chevrolet Accessories wheels that are wrapped in all-terrain tires. The Trax also saw redesigned front and rear fascias.

With these design tweaks, the Trax Activ offers better ground clearance, approach and departure angles, and added grip when off the beaten path. The addition of fender flares also helps protect the vehicle and adds an off-road appeal that wasn’t there before.

As if these tweaks weren’t enough, Chevrolet also added an accessory Thule roof basket to help with cargo space, and a custom LED light bar to help in the dark.

While this concept isn’t available at dealerships, Red Wing can still help you find the right vehicle for you with Chevrolet Accessories.

How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

We know you don’t want to hear the dreaded “w” word, but it will be here before you know it: winter. There’s no denying that Minnesota winters are long, cold, and hard. But, with a little bit of preparation, you can be ready for the long winter road. Here are a few tips on how to get your car ready for winter.

  • Check your HVAC system. Make sure both the heater and defroster are in good working order.
  • Get winter blades. Consider replacing your regular windshield wipers with winter blades that will help fight ice build-up. In addition, switch to the winter windshield washer solution.
  • Use fuel deicer. About once a month, add a bottle of fuel deicer to your tank to keep the fuel lines from freezing. Keeping your tank full is another way to prevent this.
  • Stay on top of maintenance. Continue to get all your routine maintenance done on time. If you’ve fallen behind, get caught up before winter comes.
  • Resolve any performance issues. If you experience rough idling, hard starts, stalling, etc., get these issues taken care of soon. They will only get worse as the weather gets colder.

Here at Red Wing Chevrolet, we want you to make it through the winter. Schedule an appointment with us today and we’ll make sure your car is winter ready.

5 Reasons why Minnesota Rocks

Most people have at least a little bit of state pride. It feels good to like where you live. Here at Red Wing Chevrolet, we are proud to call Minnesota home. Here are five reasons why we think Minnesota rocks.

  1. The people. Minnesotans are some of the friendliest people in the country. No matter if you’ve lived here your whole life or are just visiting for the weekend, you will be warmly welcomed wherever you go.
  2. The culture. We won’t deny that some of our Minnesota ways might seem a bit strange to outsiders, but it is an important part of what makes us Minnesotans. Our traditions are a unique blend of a variety of cultures, including Scandinavian, Irish, German, Native American, Polish, and more.
  3. The scenery. Just look around. Everywhere you go in Minnesota is picturesque. Even our cities are clean and attractive.
  4. The weather. While it might get pretty cold in the winter, every season in Minnesota is spectacularly beautiful. Not to mention, you’ll get a full dose of all four seasons.
  5. The food. We love our beer and deep fried food. Just visit the Minnesota State Fair for a sampling of some curious, yet delicious, combinations.

What is your favorite thing about living in Minnesota?

Chevrolet Announces New Chevy Bolt Mileage

Out with the old, in with the new… that’s sometimes how it feels in the ever-evolving automobile industry. But one fad that certainly doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is electric cars. Recently, Chevrolet made an exciting announcement about its new 2017 Chevy Bolt EV range. The Chevy Bolt mileage has been estimated at 238 miles on a single charge. This significantly tops today’s standard electric cars, which average around a 100-mile range.

The 238-mile range was determined by using the Environment Protection Agency’s testing cycle for electric cars, which took the Chevy Bolt through different driving conditions, both highway and city, and along different terrains. The Chevy Bolt mileage estimate beats its competitor’s estimated mileage by 23 miles.

GM looks forward to releasing the new Chevy Bolt as there is no doubt it will make an unforgettable statement in the electric car industry. With over 200 miles to drive per charge, the Chevy Bolt should help alleviate the common “range anxiety.” This fear of running out of charge before arriving at one’s destination may be one of the biggest things holding consumers back from going electric. With this concern out of the way, the new 2017 Chevy Bolt may increase the demand for electric cars.

Celebrate Red Wing’s 50th Fall Festival of the Arts

Celebrate half a century of art and tradition as the Red Wing Arts Association’s Fall Festival of the Arts turns 50 this year. The Fall Festival’s 50th anniversary honors its past, present, and future with several special additions to the usual line-up.

The 50th Fall Festival of the Arts takes place this year on October 8th and 9th in the downtown streets of historic Red Wing, MN. Each year, this arts festival brings over 10,000 visitors from all over to enjoy this prestigious display of art. Nearly 100 mid-western artists will contribute their work to this vast display of talent. In addition to enjoying the art work, kids can enjoy the children’s area where they can partake in fun activities catered to the little ones. Live music will also be available for entertainment, along with several food options, so come hungry!

The 50th anniversary of the Fall Festival of the Arts is also honoring the festival’s founder, Larry Veeder. For the first time in the history of the festival, the historic Sheldon Theatre will open its doors to visitors. Inside, the theatre will showcase a special display of Veeder’s art, and visitors can enter to win an original Veeder painting. This Fall Festival will be an extra special one—make sure you don’t miss it!