Buick to Add New Colors for the 2018 Cascada

2018 Buick Cascada | Red Wing Chevrolet Buick Cadillac | Red Wing, MN

Buick is on the cutting-edge of luxury and technology, but it also leads the charge in the industry toward innovative design. To keep ahead of the competition, Buick plans to add three new colors for the 2018 Cascada this year, influenced by customer preferences in other industries, such as fashion and interior design.

What are these three new color options for the Buick Cascada? Carrageen Metallic, Dark Moon Blue Metallic, and Rioja Red Metallic, each more enticing than the last in the eyes of fashion designers and interior decorators.

In addition to the new colors for the 2018 Cascada, Buick will also be adding two new convertible tops for 2018 (Sweet Mocha and Malbec) and two additional exterior colors for the Sport Touring Dark Effects Package.

“Color is back,” explained Catherine Black, lead designer of Buick’s Color and Trim Studio. “While 80 percent of the exterior colors purchased globally are neutrals — black, silver, or grey — many customers are starting to move away from these neutral tones and have an appetite for entirely different colors like dark navy and maroon.”

Existing color options for the Buick Cascada include Sport Red, Flip Chip Silver Metallic, Summit White, Ebony Twilight Metallic, and Smoked Pearl Metallic.

You can test drive the 2018 Buick Cascada here at Red Wing Chevrolet.


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