Things to Do in the Winter in Red Wing, MN


Things to do in winter in red wing, mn

Winter in Minnesota can be rough, but that doesn’t make visiting Red Wing during this time any less appealing. The snowfall and cold create a winter wonderland in the area, meaning there are plenty of things to do in the winter. Here are a couple of our favorite Red Wing winter activities.

Visiting the Red Wing Shoe Company Museum. The popular Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc. was started in this town in 1905 and has grown splendidly since. In fact, it has grown so much that the original tiny corner shop has become a must-see in Red Wing. Visit this shop and explore the Red Wing Shoe Company Museum, which has the World’s Largest Boot, standing at over 20 feet tall. You can even watch as they make boots and learn all about the process.

Cross-country skiing along Cannon Valley Trail. Originally a Chicago Great Western Railroad line, the Cannon Valley Trail stretches 19.7 miles between the cities of Cannon Falls, Welch, and Red Wing. While it’s glorious to walk this trail during the warmer months, cross-country skiing across it is just as fun. Grab some ski passes, strap on your skies, and head out to enjoy the fresh powder Red Wing is sure to see during the winter.


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