Back to School Car Tips

The kids are back to school and if you have carpool duty, it’s time to get things in order! As any parent surely knows, kids are rambunctious and can make a room look like a tornado zone in a matter of minutes and they can just as easily get lost. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have all your ducks in a row! Here are some back to school car tips from us here at Red Wing Chevrolet.

  1. Space – Making sure there’s enough space in the car for each kid is particularly important. Having children share seats can cause major injuries in the event of an accident and no parent wants to explain why a child got seriously injured. To avoid any problems and optimize safety, make sure each child has a seat to themselves.
  2. Driving – Once you’re in the car and on the road, pay attention to road sides and other vehicles more than you normally would. It’s better to be too safe than sorry! Follow the instructions of crossing guards and carpool-lane monitors for a smooth trip to and from school
  3. Drop Off – Make sure older kids wait on the curb while younger kids disembark. To ensure maximum safety, have the kids enter and exit the vehicle from the curbside. Doing so diminishes the odds of an injury.

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