Study Shows Chevy Corvette is the Most Talked About Car Online

A study conducted by Swoop, a search advertising provider, found that the Chevy Corvette is the most talked about car on the internet. Chevy is also the second most talked about brand online, with Ford edging it out by less than 1% just in the last couple of months.

The Corvette led the individual car discussion with 7.18% of discussion, while the Ford F-150 had 6.51% of online discussion. Swoop also looked at how much each brand spends on advertising and found that along with Ford and Jeep, Chevy is one of the lowest advertising spenders, meaning it generates a high amount of buzz and organic discussion online without needing to advertise much.

Swoop uses a search engine of its own design to get more in depth and detailed knowledge of users’ searches by following not only whether a user searches a Chevy or Honda vehicle but where the article they read takes them and what other brands they investigate from that point on.

Besides the Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler, the Chevy Tahoe was one of the top discussed SUVs, and the Corvette was a whopping 35% of the discussion about sports cars in addition to being 7.18% of the overall car discussion.


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