The Importance of Tire Maintenance and Inspections

Most drivers, even beginners, have heard things here and there about tire maintenance—the penny trick to check the tread, for instance. But why? What happens if the tread is too worn?

The importance of tire maintenance isn’t discussed as often as how to do it. Tires are your only point of contact with the road, so keeping them in good health is necessary for your own safety. If the tread is worn down, for example, you lose traction. This is why it’s often recommended to check your tire tread before winter and spring, the wettest seasons of the year.

Keeping tires properly inflated is another important part of tire maintenance. If tire pressure is too low, which often happens in colder months, you lose traction. If tires are over-inflated, more common in summer, you’ll experience a harsher ride, less contact with the road, and even bad damages when going over pot holes.

Check your tires for cracks, leaks, and bulging, as these are all signs of bad tires and may soon lead to a blowout, which could damage your rim. Bad tires could lead to a lot of problems, so inspect them regularly!

Things to Do in Rochester, Minnesota

If you’re planning to visit soon or just looking for something to do over the weekend, there are plenty of fun things to do in Rochester, whether you’re with your kids, a group of friends, or just yourself.

Summer is a busy time for Rochester because it’s such an outdoors-oriented place. From visiting nature centers to exploring caves, you’ll never run out of things to do. Go biking in one of Rochester’s over a hundred city parks or go fruit picking at Firefly Berries.

If you’d rather go for something indoor, check out Soccer World’s indoor paintball field, or visit one of several area gyms for swimming and rock climbing. Parents with young children will enjoy a visit to Monkey Junction or Pipsqueaks, two local indoor play areas for children six and under, and the Minnesota Children’s Museum of Rochester.

These are all pretty active, but if you’d rather do something more relaxing, visit the Rochester Art Center that features a series of exhibitions with art from local and international artists, or head to the History Center of Olmsted County for a little local history. Wherever your interests lie, you won’t have trouble finding something fun to do in Rochester!