How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

It’s May, which means it’s time to start prepping your car for the rising temperatures. Summer’s heat and dry weather can be killer on your engine, so follow these quick tips on how to get your car ready for summer.

It’s always important to have a season-appropriate emergency kit in your car. Get a first aid kit, but also keep water, snacks that will keep for a while like granola bars, a battery-powered fan, and a throwaway cell phone in case yours dies.

Maintenance-wise, check on your air conditioner to make sure it’s still working—a bad air conditioner can indicate a larger problem, so if it’s not, see a technician—and check your coolant. Now is a great time to do a coolant flush, since you’ll want to go into the hot season with clean coolant that will efficiently keep your engine from overheating. Check your other fluids as well, including engine oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.

Replace your windshield wiper blades and get a car wash and wax. The wax will help protect your paint job from rain and dust.

With these tips, your summer is sure to be full of fun drives and great adventures.


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