Fuel Efficient Tips to Save Money

We at Red Wing Chevrolet Buick Cadillac know the importance of saving money – especially when it comes to driving. Getting the most miles from every tank of gas is a great way to save money. Some people may think that the only way to save money on gas is to drive a hybrid or all-electric vehicle. That is not true. There are many ways to save money at the pump. Here are some of our recommendations for being fuel efficient.

  • Drive more leisurely. Slow down and you will save money! Driving fast, braking quickly, and accelerating rapidly will cost you in gas. Try to avoid speeding and use your cruise control.
  • Correctly inflate and balance tires. Fuel is wasted when tires are underinflated. Plus, your tires will wear out more quickly! Check them weekly, inflating them when needed to increase your gas mileage.
  • Check your car’s alignment. If your car drives straight, without resistance, your gas will go further.
  • Change your spark plugs and air filters early. Keep ahead of the maintenance recommended for your car. The recommended mileage usually is when they are completely worn out. Changing these parts early will help keep your car at optimal performance equaling optimal gas mileage.

These are just a few ways to optimize your tank of gas. Visit us at Red Wing Chevrolet Buick Cadillac to learn more fuel efficient tips or look at hybrid technology.


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