Flash Sales at Red Wing Chevrolet

Who doesn’t love a good sale or love it when you’re the one that finds that great bargain! You’re friends don’t know about it but YOU DO!
We started something new this month. A flash sale every day¬†(well, every week day) in November. It literally could come from any department. Could be new car deal, could be a used car deal or an unbelievable offer from parts or service. For example on Tuesday the 3rd we ran a $21.95 oil change…now that’s a SUPER deal!

Look for the flash sale offers to pop up in these places : our facebook page, our big sign and our website! Remember, they are for one day only. After that day, that flash sale is OVER!

There’s many other deals to be had this month too. Check out our website at redwingchev.com or just call us at 651-388-4777.