Wishing you a Happy New Year

#Jan 4th, 2015

As I type this on Sunday morning I’m wondering where do I start here?? I can wish our friends, customers, and co-workers a happy new year then leave it at that, period, happy new year, ok done. Since it’s 2015 and I want to challenge myself to write these blogs with a little more genuine feel to them, I’m going to have to do better than that.  So here goes. Yikes!

My son is asleep on the couch, my husband is getting ready to go ice fishing (even though the wind chill is set today for somewhere between -20 to -30 below, but we like fish and someone’s gotta do it). Our daughter is off to the Mall of America for a little shopping and fun. I’ve already printed off my recipe for homemade caramel sauce and my 52 week savings plan and put my first dollar into the jar. My new year’s resolution list is done. Just kidding! Also, it’s quiet here today, which is nice but forces me to do things like this…lol.

There won’t be much talk in this blog today about Chevrolet, Buick or Cadillac. I haven’t been to work since Christmas Eve Day. That’s 5 days away from work so I will give 5 reason’s why I’m ready to go back to reality tomorrow:

1. The new 2015 Colorado should be in by then. The last one sold so fast, I never got to see it or drive it. Bummer…did I mention I was on vacation the day it sold so don’t feel too bad for me. There will be more. This will be the only “vehicle” mention in this blog. I really am excited to get back and see it!

2. Who will be the employee of the month? That is always a fun meeting reading nominations from fellow employees on who they thought went over and above in their daily routine. People do see good things and like to mention them about their co-workers. It has a positive impact at our dealership. I don’t think a lot of places do this, maybe they do but I don’t hear about it much.

3. New Years Eve! What did everyone do? Where did they go? What fancy place did they eat at? Did they stay home like most people I know did? What are there resolution’s for 2015?

4. My daughter is working at the dealership Monday through Thursday this week ! I’ll get to ride with her to work and back almost every day! She is in college at Iowa State University and is home on winter break. Big deal to me for this extra time with her before she heads back to ISU next Sunday.

5. This one’s very obvious. It’s Sunday, I’m at home. I’m working at home. I’m writing a blog for work from home… Time to get creative again. Time to put some new ideas in motion. Time to…

Time to call my mom!  My mom’s birthday is today, I must keep this short, phone call to be made.

So truly have a great 2015 everyone, from all of us at Red Wing Chevrolet, WE WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and I do too!







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